While you were sleeping…

Posted: Julho 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

While you were sleeping



While you were sleeping I sat and started writing! I lit a cigarette, poured a bottle of sparkling water on a glass, turned on the computer and, as I was looking at you, my fingers started typing…


My insomnia is back again but I’m not worried… I feel fine and I’m happy you are resting, wrapped on my blanket looking this quiet… Long day it was indeed…


The tv is on… just finished lowering the volume… I’m starting to feel a bit tired but not sleepy and definitely not tired of staring… sorry…  😉


I could write more, believe me… a lot more… but it’s stronger  than me… I just want to turn off the computer and lay down on the couch next to you and just wait for you to wake up…


Take your time… rest… sleep… I can happily wait… just enjoying the view!  😉



Miguel Pais da Silva


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