Bro Code

Posted: Novembro 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Whether we know it or not, each of us lives a life governed by internalized code of conduct. Some call it morality. Others call it religion. I call it “The Bro Code”.

For centruies men have attempted to follow this code with no universal understading of what such an arrangment meant: Is it okay to hug a Bro? If i’m invited to a Bro’s wedding, do I really have to bring a gift? Can i sleep with a Bro’ls sister, or mother, or both?

Now for the first time on paper, I have recorded the rules of social decorum that Bros have practiced since the dawn of man… if not before. The Bro Code previously existed only as an oral tradition (heh), so i have jouneyed the globe to piece together the transcribe the shattered fragments of The Bro Code, pausing only to flesh it out myself (double heh). While not intending to write a “Guide To Being A Bro” if men should treat it as such and pass this compendium of knowledge from one generation to the next, I have little doubt it would bring a tear to my eye. But not out of it. That would be a violation of Article 41: A Bro Never Cries.

It is my hope that, with a better understanding of The Bro Code, Bros the world over can put aside their differences and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. It is then, and only then, that we might work together as one to accomplish perhaps the most important challenge society faces-getting laid. Before late: without the sport inherent in trying to bang chicks, would men willingly have se for the sole purpose of producing smelly, screaming babies?

Centuries from now, when a Bro applies the rudiments of The Bro Code to score a three-boobed future chick, the only thanks i’ll need is is the knowledge that I-in whatever small capcity-Bro’d him out…though if he could figure out how to bring me back to life, that would be pretty awesome, too.

-Barney Stinson
What is a Bro?

You’ve probably heard the word “Bro” used liberally at your local bar or gym. Perhaps you’ve even seen it recklessly confused with “dude” or “guy” in an adventure themed soft-drink commercial. Maybe even you yourself have unwitthingly tossed out a “Bro” when asking a stranger for the time. But an important distinction must be drawn: just because a guy is a dude, doesn’t mean that dude is a Bro.

Q: What is a Bro?
A: A Bro is a person who would give you the shirt off his back when he doesn’t want to wear it anymore. A Bro is a person who will bend over backwards to help you bend someone else over backwards. In short, a Bro is a lifelong companion you can trust will always be there for you, unless he’s got something else going on

Q: Who is your Bro?
A: Your mailman is a Bro, your father was once a Bro, and the boy who mows your lawn represents the Bro of tomorrow, but that doesn’t make him yourBro. When someone has faithfully upheld one or more of the codes in The Bro Code, then you may consider him you Bro. Warning: Exercise caution when bringing home a hot chick-your brother may or may not be you Bro.

Q: Can only dudes be Bros?
A: You don’t need to be a guy to be somebody’s Bro, provided you uphold the moral values contained within this sacred canon. When a women sets a guy up with her busty friend, she’s acting as a Bro. And if she sets him up with other hot friends after he slept with the first one and never called her again, then shes officially his Bro.

I’m not going to post the complete Bro code in here! I’m sure most of us Bros know our rules by heart, and for sure it would be helpful to post them here in order for those that don’t know them yet could learn but I’m sure that there are other ways for future Bros to have access to “The Bro Code” without the need to expose it to the world in here.

For all of us that have the knowledge of this Book just one thing: Respect the code and pass it on to others…


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